Now if you want to get out in your pajamas at 11:30 EST tonight, looking south east, you might be able to see an unusual meteor storm.

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower
Getty Images

A Meteor storm, basically old debis from  comets that light up the sky.  But, a one thing might get in the way, the weather.  If we get clouds no way.

Now if you do see something is will be a burst of meteor showers.  As Channel 2 reports,

 Stargazers may get to see several meteors per minute during a rare event known as a meteor storm.

But, then it might not be the weather,

It is not a guarantee that such an event will unfold, but Lyytinen and Jenniskens say that there is a good chance that this will bring the first alpha Monocerotids meteor storm since 1995, when it produced rates of around 400 meteors per hour.

The exact time, "the outburst is forecast to reach its climax around 11:50 p.m. EST on Nov. 21, according to the AMS."

It shouldn't be too cold tonight, low around 45, but clouds are expected.  :-(

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