WKBW-TV reports that researchers at the University at Buffalo have been approved to test melatonin to treat patients suffering the effects of COVID-19.

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Recruiting local patients for the trial is scheduled to begin by October 1st. Eligible, patients must have tested positive for COVID-19 with symptoms mild enough that they can be treated at home.

The study will include 30 patients, 20 of whom will receive melatonin and 10 of whom will receive placebo. The study is double-blind, meaning neither the subjects nor the people administering the drug know who is getting melatonin and who is getting placebo. Researchers will use the data from these patients to help determine whether melatonin is safe for COVID-19 patients, and whether it is effective at lessening symptoms.

Research by scientists studying the virus has shown melatonin can decrease molecules that create inflammation. According to the researchers high levels of those molecules "are known to contribute to the severity of COVID-19." A significant decrease is hoping to relieve some of the most persistent symptoms.

Research at this point is aiming at hoping to find an "inexpensive, widely available treatment" for people with mild to moderate coronavirus symptoms.

If you are interested in participating in this study, you can sign up here once the trial is open for enrollment.

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