Yes, two youngin's Kwentin and Vanessa are helping sick kids...


We got a message last night from a Mom asking for your help. These kids who are 12 and 5 collect bottles and cans and turn them in for cash. What they do with the cash is a lot different than what other kids do.  They are trying to restart up an organization that the 12 year old did 2 years ago.  These kids collect cans/bottles for deposit from the community and use that money to buy fleece fabric to make blankets for local sick children in the hospitals. WNY we need to come together and please donate your bottles and cans to these innovators and children of the future. They have their own Facebook page that you can check out. Reach out to them and help out the kiddos! Every little bit helps. Let's get together as a community and help out our fellow peeps. We are considered the city of "good neighbors!"  Thanks for your help, Buffalo!

Click here to help them out!

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