Two elderly metal heads escape a nursing home to attend the world's largest and biggest Heavy Metal Festival.



When I first read this story, I LOVED the sentiment of this. I love rock n roll and I know the power of music. Music is soooo powerful. Music is powerful enough for two elderly men to plan an escape to attend the best Heavy Metal Festival known to mankind from a nursing home in Germany.

Germany is very well known for its heavy metal. Judas Priest and Vince Neil were at this festival and the two men just couldn't resist.

A staff member noticed the men gone around 3 a.m. and immediately called the police. Well, police finally caught up with them at the concert and made them go back even after the men pleaded with the officer.

Cops said when they found the men, they were "disoriented" and "dazed." LOL. Rock on!

If anyone says your too old to rock out, get rid of them... You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!

Rock on, Buffalo!

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