If you've been wanting some "Ink Therapy" as people who have tattoos like to call it, but cannot get in to see your favorite artist, this might work to hold you over.

It's an at-home tattoo kit.

I know...it sounds rather scary, but let me add this part to ease your mind...it's not permanent.

Well, that feels a little better, right?  They call it Inkbox - Tattoos for Now.

You get a kit and you can then use it to draw any design you'd like.  Let's say you've wanted a tattoo for a while and aren't really sure about the design.  You can draw it on with this ink that will last a couple of weeks and then disappears.  If you don't like it, no worries, it won't last.  If you do like it, you can make it permanent somewhere down the road.

It's a cool way to experiment with something that isn't going to last forever.  Maybe you want to prank someone and pretend that you actually have a tattoo.

How does it work?  Essentially it is "staining your skin."  You get a kit that includes just about everything you need.  The ink is then applied on top of your skin (it doesn't get injected).  You let it sit on your skin for an hour or two to really set up and then you wash it off.  Simple as that, your tattoo will appear and darken over the next 24-36 hours.

Pretty cool right?  All the self-expression behind a tattoo without the commitment.

Feel like giving it a try?  Order yours online.  You can learn more about it and get your first kit on their website, Inkbox.com.

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