It turns out that their are record-breaking numbers of adults back living with their parents today.  But what is the top reason?  Job-loss? Good guess,

The number one reason is...divorce or break-up. There is also...losing your job, to save money, and less selfishly to take care of their parents. According to the article:

We surveyed nearly 1,100 members of the so-called “Boomerang Generation” and their parents, and were surprised to discover that romantic breakups outpace joblessness as the number one reason for “boomeranging.”

The results differ somewhat by the age of the respondents, with those 40+ rating the number one reason for moving back, to take care of their parents. The youngest respondents listed their reason as, saving money to buy a house.

This is just a small representation of the research, check out the rest here.


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