The thing most responsible for you not getting in shape...Y-O-U.  I can afford to lose a few pounds (like 20) and you, while maybe not needing to lose weight may just want to look better or feel better.

So what is your excuse?  I don't have time to exercise, lack of motivation, too expensive to join a gym, or do you blame it on other people or distractions.

Results of a 2,000 person study said:

... revealed a variety of barriers when attempting to reach wellness goals - and showed that 31 percent of respondents don't trust their own willpower.

I like to walk, but sub-freezing temperatures are a downer, and un-shoveled sidewalks a distraction (and honestly, an excuse).

Need a few more excuses?

  • I can't resist food around the holidays
  • There's not enough time to make healthy meals
  • My co-workers bring unhealthy food to share at work
  • You have a "treat yourself" mentality

"Having one-on-one support and a high level of confidence in your choices makes a big difference in living well,"

Also talking to a nutritionist, or a trainer can offer some insight.



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