Drug traffickers have been keeping the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency officers who work at the various ports of entry very busy, over the past five years, but especially since the start of the pandemic,

The Buffalo Field Office, which covers 16 ports of entry throughout New York State, continue to add to the more than 1,600 drug seizures since travel restrictions were implemented last March.

A total of 21,101 pounds of marijuana has been seized during these drug busts.

Here are 10 of the biggest drug busts over the past 5 years:

Top 10 Drug Busts at Port of Buffalo


A $200 Million Cannabis Campus May Soon Be Headed to Buffalo

Now that marijuana is legal in New York, we probably won't see too many more busts that big. Especially now that Zephyr Partners, a California-based developer, is moving forward with its plan to bring a $200 million cannabis campus to Buffalo.

Back in March of 2019 Zephyr submitted its intention to the City of Buffalo Common Council,

The proposed action is to develop 1.375 million square feet of cannabis cultivation facilities along with processing, quality control, extraction, research, and shipping/receiving facilities. The proposed development makes use of eight existing sites to the north and south of Laborers Way in the City of Buffalo (north of Union Ship Canal in the Lakeside Commerce Park). Roughly 65% of the built structures will house the growing facilities while the other 35% will house the accessory functions.

The site, the former home of Hanna Furnace, is located at 15, 51, 87, and 125 Laborers Way, Buffalo, New York 14222. If approved, the campus will focus on the production, cultivation, and processing of cannabis products. Zephyr is scheduled to go back in front of the Buffalo Planning Board on October 25, 2021, to get the approval it needs to start making the campus a reality. Zephyr Partners CEO Brad Termini said that he expects the project to generate 800 jobs in Western New York.

The fully built-out New York Industrial Campus, constructed over multiple phases, is envisioned to be a ~1.0M SF multi-tenant industrial park across the ~72-acre site with spaces for cultivation and manufacturing. Upon completion, the project will be one of the largest production facilities in the country, supporting New York’s growing demand and market size. The New York Industrial Campus is committed to utilizing a community benefits package that will promote social equity and community enhancement goals. ~ Zephyr Partners

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