The list of the top baby names of 2017 has been released and it' 2017. There has been a shift in the naming of babies over the years and the current list is very reflective of that.


The first thing you will be thinking when you see the list is how did the name Tony not make the list.  That's understandable, you are not alone, everyone is thinking that. Trust me, letters have been written, calls have been made, and this will be dealt with.  Your support is appreciated and goes a long way.  Thank you.

Baby Tony is startled with life
Baby Tony is startled with life

Anyway, here is the list.  If you are in process of having a baby or maybe you just had one and feel like renaming them already, this list should help you out.

Top Names 2017

Girls                           Boys

  1. Emma                Liam
  2. Olivia                 Noah
  3. Ava                    Lucas
  4. Isabella              Mason
  5. Sophia               Oliver
  6. Mia                    Logan
  7. Amelia               Elijah
  8. Charlotte           Ethan
  9. Harper               Aiden
  10. Aria                   Benjamin

I can't argue with the list, especially since my daughter's name is #6 on it.  I actually know a child with each of the girls name on the list with the exception of Aria, but I have gambled a lot in her hotel in Las Vegas so I feel like that counts.


As for the boys, I know children with all of these names.  Odds are I will be gambling with them all in the future!  These are just the top 10 names for each gender, but if you want a complete list you can see all of the names at

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