New York is known for its amazing people, culture, and food and you know we love to eat.

Recently the world’s best restaurants have just been announced and two restaurants from New York made the list. In London, one of the most prestigious awards on the plant, the 2022 iteration of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants were announced and New York was well represented.

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Judges from all around the world came together to name the Top 50 restaurants. There were a few rules that the judges had to follow. Those on the panel can’t vote for any restaurant they have an economic interest in, and they must have eaten at restaurants that win their votes in the previous 19 months.

Le Bernardin which is located in Downtown New York City near Radio Music City Hall was ranked as the 44th best restaurant in the world. Le Bernardin was first opened in 1986 and has been given 4 stars by the New York Times 5 times since it opened. They also won a James Beard Award in 2012.

The other New York restaurant to make the Top 50 was Atomix. Atomix is located on East 30th street in New York City and is an upscale Korean restaurant offering a chef's tasting menu with beverage pairings. Atomix landed at #33 on the list of the Top 50 restaurants in the World.

The number #1 restaurant on the list will require you to travel a little bit. Geranium is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was ranked as the best restaurant in the world.

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