Today we celebrate National Selfie Day, but we all want to make sure to have the perfect selfie to post today. Here are 5 easy Tips for a perfect Selfie!

Taking a selfie is much more than just picking up your phone and snapping a picture. We went to to compile the Top 5 Tips for taking a perfect Selfie!

Tip #1: Get a Smartphone With a Good Quality Camera - Not all Cameras are made the same. If you plan on taking lots of selfies, make sure both cameras on the phone are good quality.

Tip #2: Make Sure You Have the Appropriate Lighting - Be sure that the lighting highlights your face and doesn't wash it out. Natural light is the best. Be careful of harsh office lighting.

Tip #3: Don't Force Your Facial Expression - Just staring blankly into the camera won't work. An over the top smile like the Joker from Batman doesn't work either. Also NEVER do Duck face!!!

Tip #4: Experiment With Different Angles - Not all selfies have to be straight on! Try using a higher angle to stretch out your neck and look slimmer. Also holding your camera tilted one way or the other helps bring an artistic look to your selfie

Tip #5: Go Easy on the Editing and Filter Effects. There are plenty of editing apps, but be careful of over editing your selfie. We all have wrinkles. If you look like a glass doll in your selfie, chances are people will know you edited it!

Bonus Tip: Have fun with it! Selfies are supposed to be fun. Go ahead and take selfies in different areas, different poses, or fun dumb ones!

Happy National Selfie Day!


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