Tomorrow is the big day for Prince Harry and American Actress Megan Markel's Royal Wedding. Here are 5 Things you NEED to know!

1. Several news outlets will be carrying coverage of the Royal Wedding. Here in Buffalo WGRZ, Channel 2 will carry NBC's coverage of the wedding starting at 4:30 am

2. Chances are that Kate will not be a Princess but have the title of Duchess. Just like Megan's soon to be Sister-In-Law, Kate Middleton who is a Duchess and not a princess.

3. Megan Markel could NEVER be Queen. The right to the Throne is thru Royal Bloodlines only, so that means Megan would never sit on the Throne. But if/when they have kids, her children could be named King or Queen.

4. There will be around 800 guests in attendance at the ceremony. One person, who will not be there? Megan's dad! He recently had heart surgery and doctors have not cleared him to fly so he is missing the trip to England.

5. Harry and Megan bucked several traditions of Royal Weddings. Most weddings are held on a weekday (Theirs is on a Saturday) and usually, the service is performed by someone from the Holy Church of England. Harry and Megan will have a Buffalo-Born Bishop perform the service. (Get all the Details HERE)

Now grab your replica crown and popcorn and set your alarm for 4:30 am and enjoy The Royal Wedding!



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