Unless you have a job that's deemed necessary, you are stuck at home.

Diane Macdonald
Diane Macdonald

So, what are most of us up to?  Here are five of the top things WNY-ers are doing according to our Breeze survey.

1)  Playing Games

From online games to puzzles, dominoes and old board games, folks are finding fun!

2)  Cleaning

In converse to the game players, a lot of Breeze listeners said they are decluttering or cleaning their homes.  Here are some decluttering tips from Zenhabits.net

3)  Netflix/Hulu or other pay channels

Binge-watching came in third.  If you want some comforting Netflix show ideas, click here.

4)  Cooking and or Baking

It looks like many of you are cooking and baking more.  Now if you are not a gourmet, then you may want to check out this easy pasta sauce with hidden veggies recipe.

5)  Reading

It seems that the book you always wanted to get around to is actually being read!

In case you are looking for a good read, then check out these suggestions from Real Simple.

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