The music fan is a discerning person, who can be difficult to buy for...until now! Here's our top 5 gifts for the music lover in your life.

1. Mix Tape 1GB USB Cassette Tape: Who misses mix tapes? (WE DO.) Don't leave the mix tape off your gift list, just modernize it!

2. Play & Display Vinyl Art Frames: Your hipster friend still insists it sounds better on vinyl (THEY'RE RIGHT). Display that awesome collection in a way that still lets you bust those records out at a party.

3. Personalized Favorite Song Soundwaves Print: A super unique gift that turns your favorite song into a work of art.

4. Bluetooth enabled classic radios: Love the look of retro radios but like the functionality of a bluetooth speaker? Problem solved!

5. Ticket Stub Welcome Mat: Take that ticket stub from the first time you ever saw Nirvana and memorialize it into a welcome mat!

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