Having a clean house is awesome....getting it clean is another matter! Here are the Top 5 Chores people hate doing!

Yahoo.com recently conducted a study on household chores and came up with the Top 5 chores most people hate doing! We weren't surprised by the #1 answer!

5. Unclogging the Sink - Wet, soggy, clumpy food? GROSS!

4. Removing Hair from the Drain - Loose hair is gross...wet, stinky hair is even worse!

3. Washing The Windows - Streaks are annoying!

2.  Cleaning the oven - Even with the self-cleaner, it never is really clean and scrubbing is hard!

1. Cleaning the Toilet - Do we really to say anything? It is the worst after Taco Night!

What chores do you hate doing?

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