Now that cooler weather is coming to Western New York, expect to see some amazing color changes with the leaves in the area. But where is the best place to see the leaves change color?

There are so many amazing places to take a drive or walk to see the leaves changing color.

Here are our Top 5 places

1. Letchworth State Park - The massive gorge in the park gives you a great view from different heights to check out the color change. The only drawback is that lots of tours head there so it could be busy.

2. Whirlpool State Park - Not only are you close to a Nature Wonder of the World (Niagara Falls) but again the different trails give you a chance to see the leaves change color from different levels.

3. Chestnut Ridge Park - This is one of the largest parks in Erie County. There are plenty of trails that take you deep into the woods and into a wonderful immersion of color!

4. Ellicottville - Overall, just an amazing place to go to see the leaves change colors. With so many different trails and of course the Holiday Valley Hill there are plenty of opportunities to see the changing of the leaves.

5. The Trails along the Erie Canal - My wife and I recently embarked on a walk along the trail in Pendelton. It was quiet, peaceful, and full of color!

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