It's 'World Emoji Day' and I know what you're thinking.  How have emoji's gotten so big, so quick, that they have their own world day!?!  I know it's puzzling, but let's be honest, I could have written the entire last sentence in emoji's and you would have known exactly what I was talking about!


Emoji's are how we communicate these days.  It started out with just a smiley face and has grown to an empire of images that can tell a story with one click of a button. Has it made us lazier?  Maybe, but our texts are a lot better.


I want to be on the team that gets to create these emoji's, that must be a fun job. Coming up with fun pictures and getting paid for it is basically the American dream. The best part - you can see how your work ranks!


Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook the 'Top 10 Most Used Emoji's'.  We don't know if the creators received a bonus for their work trending the most, but they nailed it with these emoji's.

This list makes sense.  I use all of these a lot, in fact more than a 40 year old man probably should.  I would have thought the 'heart' would have been a little higher on the list, but other than that the list seems on point.  Plus Mark Z wouldn't lie to us so I take this list as gold.


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