The creator of Facebook got GRILLED yesterday by Congress after a ton of user data was released...some real personal stuff as well.

There were 87 million people whose data was released by Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm that worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Facebook did not notify the users then. Now, you have to check to see if your data was released.

Here's where you check if it was released--Facebook now has it set up so you can see.

According to WIVB + CNN:

Even if you delete your Facebook account, or remove third-party apps connected to your profile, the third-party apps will still have access to data they previously collected. Users have to contact the app individually to have the data be removed.

"The reality is there is no putting the genie back in the bottle," Justin Hendrix, executive director at NYC Digital Media Lab and data privacy activist, told CNN. Hendrix was notified that one of his Facebook friends used a personality quiz app called This is Your Digital Life that collected user data. His information was also likely collected in the process.

While only 270,000 people accessed the app, those who did engage with it granted Cambridge Analytica access to not only to their own information, but to the data of all their Facebook friends. "I anticipated I would potentially be affected, but at the same time, it brings it home that this is real," said Hendrix.

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