About half of all couples in the United States make the difficult decision to get divorced. “Divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass” journalist Mary Kay Blakely said. The stress that stems from a divorce can actually cause some serious health issues according to some experts.

The United States though, hard to believe is, only the 12th biggest city with the divorce rate, behind places like the UK, at 53% and Moldova at 52%. Let's go over the top 10 cities with heartbreak in America. According to our friends at WKBW this is how it was calculated,

Using statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Historic Geographic Information System, MooseRoots MooseRoots calculated the percent change of each state's divorced population between 1970 and 2010.

The percentages below each city represent the divorce rate calculated in 2010. Though, the order that each city is listed goes from percent change in divorce rate from 1970 to 2010.

  • 1

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • 2

    Buffalo, New York

  • 3

    Plano, Texas

  • 4

    Greensboro, North Carolina

  • 5

    Corpus Christi, Texas

  • 6

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • 7

    Lincoln, Nebraska

  • 8

    Tucson, Arizona

  • 9

    Charlotte, South Carolina

  • 10

    Raleigh, North Carolina


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