This week we had a very special Tony Tries.  It was special because normally it takes place on Tuesdays, and because this one was at my son's school.  I was challenged by William Street School to try their Triathlon.


When the school reached out to see if we would do our show at the event, and if I would participate in the triathlon, of course I said yes.  Race against 3rd thru 6th graders, I got this in the bag!  Plus my son Gianni was in the event so it was game on.

Unfortunately I realized right after I exited the pool that this was a big mistake on my part.  You know when your lungs do not have enough oxygen and you can't breath fast enough - yeah that was me for 2/3rds of the event!  I knew I was in trouble but I had no choice but to keep going.


My biggest mistake came during the bike portion.  I thought it would funny if I rode my son's bike during the race.  It was funny, but it killed me.  I couldn't sit down because his bike is small and you really have to pedal to move.  When I finally got off of the bike, the last thing I wanted to do was run the half mile.

Tony P is ready for the Triathlon

Alas, I ran/walked it and did make it to the finish line.  This event was way more difficult than I gave it credit for and today I am still paying the price!  Thank you to everyone at William Street School, and to Mrs. Paolella for inviting us.  It was a fun experience (except for the part where all of the kids beat me!).

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