How many times have you thought about just draining your pool and filling in the hole because it’s too much work…or you don’t use it as often as you’d like?  Well…what if you could make some money on it instead?

There's a new app out there called Swimply, that allows the owners of swimming pools to rent them out by the hour.  They can go on the app, find the perfect pool to swim in, find a date to swim, and book it!  Simple as that!

I’m kind of torn on this one….I mean, we are talking about perfect strangers using your pool.  Isn’t that why you pay for them in the first place?  So that you have privacy and don’t have to share with a dude that may or may not be using your oasis as his yearly bath.

Would you be comfortable with a stranger (or an entire family of strangers) using your pool?

It’s not in Buffalo quite yet, but hey…it’s doing pretty well in other parts of the country.  They're already doing this in Los Angeles, where pools are renting out from $25-$150 an hour.

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