It's Tuesday which means I have to try something new that Val basically decides for me. Since we were at the Niagara County Fair last week, Val had me ride 'Rudy' the camel. This seemed like an easy enough challenge...but was it...


It was easy, I just hopped right on and rode off into the sunset.  I was like the Fast and the Furious!  Ok so that's a little extreme, but these camels are no joke.  They weigh over 2000 lbs and when you get on you can tell you're riding a beast.  If you haven't ridden one I recommend it!

Did you know that a camels hump is not water storage.  It's fat storage.  Also, did you know that travel by camel is actually quicker and more environmentally friendlier than by magic carpet.  Seems strange but it's true.  Think about that the next time you have a choice.


So I hope you learned a little more about camels then you knew prior to seeing this. The 'Ships of the Desert' are an amazing creature and if you get a chance to ride one, you should do it!

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