It's Tony Tries Tuesday, and today I am racing big wheels at Lasertron in Amherst! Who didn't love riding their big wheel as a kid!?!  Now they have adult sized ones so you can relive your glory days.  I was somewhat of a speed demon on a big wheel back in the '80's.


I decided to race Val so it turned into a 'Tony and Val Tries', and of course turned into a heated competition!  Look, I am a gentlemen and I like to build up Val's self esteem whenever possible.  If I can make her look good every now and again I'm gonna do it. You'll see when you watch the video.

What you don't see in the video is that I spun out twice after drifting that basically took me out of the race.  Revenge will be had on another day, but if you haven't raced the big wheels yet, you need to do it!  So much fun, and it is a decent workout to boot!  Two laps goes fast, and you will feel like you're 10 all over again.


Unfortunately, all of that racing gave me a lead foot and I got a speeding ticket on the way back to the studio.  So not only do I lose the race, but then I can't even out run the cops!  I mean I tried, he just had a better big wheel.  So be careful if you race the big wheels, they make you want to go Fast and Furious!



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