On this week's 'Tony Tries' we played Egg Roulette.  Let me rephrase that, I played Egg Roulette.  Val didn't want to get smashed with eggs and I can understand that because I did and it sucks!

Egg Roulette eggs

If you have never played Egg Roulette, it's where you have 6 eggs and 3 are hard boiled and 3 are not.  The eggs are picked and you smash them on your head.  We had Devin, Amanda, and Sam Taylor from our team come into the studio to pick the eggs that I would smash.


So did I get egg on my face, or escape with some hard boiled luck?!  If you missed it you can see and hear it here.  Again, I do this for your amusement.  You're welcome.

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