On today's Tony Tries, Val made me attempt the 100 layer challenge.  If you're unfamiliar, this is where you have to put on 100 layers of something.  We decided to do nail polish.

Val's nail polish

I agreed to this but to only 1 finger, because we have a 4 hour show and had to finish within that time frame.  How hard could this be right?  Turns out not too difficult, but the fumes will have you feeling a little funky.


I did complete the full 100 layers in the allotted time, but it was a race to the finish.  In the end it looked like I had a giant finger nail that wasn't healthy.  I chronicled the event, so you can see pictures from the start, 25 coats in, 50 coats, 75 coats, and finally 100 coats.  Afterwards I just pulled the polish off in one gooey clump and used some remover to get rid of the excess.  4 hours to put on, 30 seconds to take off...enjoy!


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