Guys - If you didn't know, Valentine's Day is a very big day for the ladies and they expect you to not only show up, but also put forth an effort.  It's really not all that difficult to pull off but we men sometimes lose focus on the task.  To make it easier on you, I have assembled my Valentine's Day Do's & Don'ts.


Tony P's Valentine's Day Do's & Don'ts

1.) DON'T forget that it's Valentines Day.  Like the actually date, February 14th.  We have a lot going on but this is an easy one, and the consequences are dire if you miss it.

DO be romantic.  The bar is set so low for us already that the littlest things can go a long way. Dress up, write a love note, get the door, watch a chick flick, etc.


2.) DON'T be repetitive.  Flowers and chocolates are fine, but switch it up a little.  The same thing every year gets old and comes off as thoughtless.

DO send a gift to work.  Ladies love to get gifts at work and show them off.  Be the hero and make it happen.  This is never repetitive so ignore above when it comes to this.

Valentine's Day

3.) DON'T talk about an Ex.  Do I really need to explain this one??  Nobody wants to hear about your last conquest on their special day.

DO make it all about her.  Again, do I really need to explain this one???  This is a very big day for your relationship so make it count.  Make her feel like a Queen and she will treat you like a King later on...


4.) DON'T use electronics.  More specifically, no checking scores, or your phone, or apps or anything not directly involved with making her feel special.  It's one night, you can disconnect.

DO keep technology out of the evening.  It's OK to watch a movie/TV together, but this is one of those days of the year when we can give all the gadgets a rest and reconnect with our Valentine.  Unless the gadget is for a 'special' part of the evening it doesn't belong.


So there it is fellas, the playbook.  Put in the time and you can't screw it up.  Good luck and get lucky!

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