When I came home tonight from work, my 2 kids Gianni and Mia were both in their pajamas but something was wrong.  It was 7:30pm but I got the feeling that they wouldn't be going to bed anytime soon!


I first noticed my daughter wearing her nightgown inside out.  She is 6 and has done some weird things like this before, but because she is so cute I was fine with it.  She will often wear pants backwards, etc, so this is par for the course.


My son is 9, and when he walked over I knew something was up.  He had on his shirt and pants both inside out.  This could just be a coincidence, but I know better than that.  My kids had coordinated this effort but I still didn't understand why.

Tony P's kids

Finally it was revealed to me that superstition says that if you wear your pajamas inside out, they will cancel school the next day.  My kids were banking on winter storm Stella to do her best to cancel school.  We are in Lancaster and we hadn't gotten a lot of snow yet so it seemed like a stretch.


Just as they were getting into bed the phone rang.  The home phone.  In 2017, if your home phone rings it means that you've been selected to win a free trip to the Bahamas or school is cancelled.  It was the latter and the kids were pumped.  Their superstitious plan worked and now they will get the day off from school tomorrow.  You're welcome WNY!


I wonder if this will work for me??

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