It's Funny Friday, and on this weeks '30 Second Comedy Minute' we have a very talented funny person, who does her best to make you laugh everyday.  We only feature local comics on this show and she definitely fits that bill...Val Townsend!


Now Val is not a stand up comedian, but she did beat me in our 'Don't Laugh' contest, so she clearly has some skills.  Now in my defense I was ill prepared mentally for the contest but nevertheless Val crushed it.  It's only right that she gets to see her star shine bright on the biggest of all comedic stages, the Comedy Minute.


If you missed Val's performance on the show today, you can hear it here.  She hit us with some corny jokes, but I have to say the seashell joke was solid, and her delivery is great.  You judge for yourself...

For more on Val Townsend, you can tune in weekdays 3-7pm to 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P, or if you really want to you can register for one of her classes at GCC.


  • Born and raised: Cheektavegas...still living large in Cheek-town
  • Age started doing comedy: 37
  • First Place Performed: Today at the Mix96 studio
  • Favorite Comedian: George Carlin.  He is funnier dead then Tony P is alive.
  • Little Known Fact: When I was 18 I performed with Comedy Sportz, the improv group.  I only did one show because I was hired by 103.3.  I have been a comedian in waiting until today.

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