This weeks 30 second comedy minute features someone who is near and dear to my!  Due to some technical difficulties I had to step in with the funny this week.  This will be a weird one, so I will do my best to make it weirder by talking about myself in the 3rd person.


Tony P was born in South Buffalo, raised in Hamburg and then left town after college for Las Vegas.  He began doing stand-up in Sin City and was able to perform at the Stardust Hotel (before they knocked it down), the Frontier (before they knocked it down), the Riviera (before they knocked it down), and the Greek Isles (before they knocked it down). Basically, he would play a place and then they would have to knock it down out of embarrassment.


He brought his comedic talents back to the Queen City a few years ago in hopes to make the East Coast funny again.  Unsuccessful, he found himself living at the Erie County Fair inside an RV for Mix96.  He was partnered up with radio superstar Val Townsend and now has the most successful radio show in US history during the afternoon with co-hosts named Val Townsend and Tony P.

Here is the segment that aired on today's show...Enjoy!


  • Born and raised: Buffalo, NY/Hamburg, NY
  • Age started doing comedy: 26
  • First Place Performed: Boomer's - Las Vegas, NV
  • Favorite Comedian: Chris Rock
  • What Else: I once performed for 4 people in Las Vegas and all 4 didn't laugh.  I have also performed for 400 with the same result.  It seems like my sweet spot is 25 - 350, more or less than that is a crap shoot!

For more on Tony P, check out his website at or on twitter @comictonyp.

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