It's Funny Friday so it's time once again for my '30 Second Comedy Minute' where we only feature comedians that are from this great city of ours.  They might not still be living here, but they will always call Buffalo home.


Today's comedian is Clayton Williams, who was actually born in Albany but has been calling Buffalo home for most of his life.  Technically he is not from Buffalo, but who really wants to be from Albany??  It's not his fault, and here on the Comedy Minute we are all about second chances.  Plus it's my segment and I can do what I want.


Clayton is a funny dude so we allowed it, and you will be glad we did.  If you haven't seen Clayton perform, you can see him doing comedy on most nights all over town.  He is a regular at Helium Comedy Club and hosts his own show at Mr Goodbar on Thursday nights.  If you missed him on the show today you can listen again right here.  He has an interesting take on adopting dogs...

For more on Clayton you can follow him on Twitter @Clayfighter1 or see him at an upcoming show at Helium, Mr Goodbar, or a number of other local places around the 716.


  • Born and raised: Born in Albany, lived in Buffalo since 11 years old.
  • Age started doing comedy: 24
  • First Place Performed: Mr Goodbar on Elmwood
  • Favorite Comedian: Kyle Kinane
  • What Else: I now run a show at Mr Goodbar every Thursday.  Comedy has officially come full circle.
Clayton Williams 2

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