Monday is National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day, which is dedicated to breaking superstitions like opening an umbrella indoors.  I am not afraid of these superstitions, I think they are silly.  I'm sure at some point when 'They' came up with the superstition it was because of something negative happening right after.  'They' were just being paranoid.


Val challenged me to opening an umbrella in the studio today and I agreed to do it.  I am fearless, and besides what is there to be afraid of?  What is really going to happen if I open an umbrella in the studio?  Am I going to be whisked away by ghosts to the top of the historic Rand Building and sacrificed to the Rain Gods?


I say bring it on Rain Gods, I do not fear you.  In fact I will step on cracks, underneath a ladder with a black cat running circles around it before I worry about any of this.  Once I'm done I will smash every mirror in this place and then put my shoes on the table that's how ridiculous I think all of this is.

And then this happened....

Well this job was fun while it lasted, I guess I shouldn't have challenged the Rain Gods.  Turns out they don't like it when you do that!  I take back everything I said about them and the other superstitions!  Somebody find me some glue and I will repair all of those mirrors too... I PROMISE!


Unemployment here I come!

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