After recent crashes, the Tonawanda Mayor Rick Davis has banned trucks from section of Young Street that move under the CSX bridge.

WIVB reports, "In the last two weeks, three tractor trailers have been involved in crashes at the bridge." and these are not the sole crashes that have occurred near the bridge.

Here is an additional report from Channel 7 report is below:

WIVB released Mayor Davis' statement:

"Under the Authority vested in me by the City of Tonawanda Charter, I am issuing Executive Order 2019-01 which prohibits trucks from using Young Street southbound from the Fremont Street Bridge to Vietnam Veterans Highway on/off ramp at Young Street and northbound from Vietnam Veterans Highway, Young Street on/off ramp north to the Fremont Street Bridge. The length of term of the EO is indefinitely. I have asked or Police Department to step up Patrols in the area and have zero tolerance ticketing policy."

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