Call it Mother Nature 2 Golf Domes 0

The blizzard that swept through Western New York has brought down another golf dome.

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On Friday, a video was posted on Social media of the Golf Dome on Wehrle Drive in Williamsville.

The blizzard like winds have now died down and Western New York is now turning to clean-up mode. As of this writing, snow is still falling across Western New York and the travel ban is still in place for Erie County. Officials are asking people to stay home and off the roads as crews head out to clear the highways, roads, and side streets.

The good news is that we will see the snow end by Monday night and a warm-up is coming our way. By the weekend we will have temperatures in the 50s. The only problem is that rain is expected with the warm-up and along with snow melting, flooding could be an issue for parts of Western New York.

Use caution if you are traveling today or tomorrow and expect heavy delays traveling across Western New York over the next couple of days.

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