If you have Fur-Babies in your life, you want to make sure that they are healthy and taken care of. Today the Humane Society is celebrating their 24th Annual World Spay Day!

Today is a day "World Spay Day" and it is a day to get your pet fixed or to be used as a reminder to make sure you get your pet fixed! Getting your pet fixed is one the easiest ways to help control the animal population and to make sure you keep your pets nice and healthy!

Not sure where to take your pet? There are several low-cost spay clinics in Western New York including the SPCA, Second Chance Sheltering INC, and Operation PETS.

Why should you get your pet fixed? According to the National Humane Society, there are several reasons including curbing bad behavior, cutting costs of overall health care during the pets life, and to help reduce pet homelessness.

Get more "World Spay Day" Infomation HERE


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