New challenge that makes waiters extremely happy is here...



This is much better and safer than the Keke challenge and waiters are extremely grateful. It's called, "Tip The Bill" challenge.

Tip The Bill challenge is where people are tipping 100 percent of the bill to their waiter. This might seem a bit steep if you are dining out with a family of four. I know I am not able to tip 100 percent of the bill but I do tend to tip "well" based on service.

The one reason why it is so popular? People are posting a copy of their receipts to brag to everyone on social media. It is a fantastic gesture and one that I do stand behind. It is much better than the Tide pod challenge or the hot water challenge, or the Keke challenge.

There are already 2000 hash tags for the #Tipthebill" or "Tipthebillchallenge"

Is this something you will do?



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