If you haven't heard, there is a new app called FaceApp where you can alter your appearance and make yourself look older, younger, and even the opposite sex.  Of course this is something that Val and I had to try and the results were, well, shocking.


Val as a boy was an interesting sight to see, and me as a girl...not to toot my own horn but - TOOT TOOT.  I became a female smoke show.  If anything, it gives me something to fall back on when this whole guy thing falls apart on me.


We had fun with the pics, but then we decided to take it one step further.  What if we made fake Tinder profiles for the opposite sex and see who gets more hits?  If you are not aware of what Tinder is, it is a dating app that matches you up within a defined proximity.

Tinder Profiles for Val & Tony swap

Well we did, and just like that I became Toni LuLaroe (a sultry female 27-year-old Buff State student looking for a good time), and Val became Chris Larsson (an older-looking 27-year-old Buff State student with dad jokes).  Now don't worry, we didn't lead anyone on or message anyone back, or discriminate in any way.  We set a 50-mile radius and restricted to folks age 21-45, and looked at the first 100 swipes from this week.


So what happened?  Well somewhat predictably the guys were all over my profile (can't say that I blame them) but Val garnered some attention as well.  For 100 swipes, Toni LuLaroe had 65 matches, and Chris Larsson had 20.  That basically means that 35 people are out of their minds for not choosing Toni, I mean how do you pass that up?!?


We did receive a few funny and clever messages from our potential dates.  Val's Chris mostly received a polite "Hey", and "Hi, how are you", while my Toni got some guys putting in thought.  The most impressive one in my opinion was from a guy who said, "Are you my appendix? I don't really know how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out."  I also liked, "Hey Toni, how about being soulmates for a couple of hours some drunken night?"


This was a fun experiment and has us thinking of other fun ways to use this app.  Let us know what you think.  Would you have hit on either of us?  Leave a comment and let us know!


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