Much ado about nothing in New Hampshire.  For 5 decades folks in a "New Hampshire town have "speculated what might be inside a time capsule from 1969"  Wondering if there was Moon-landing memorabilia or other things from the late 60s era.

Well as CNN reports, when residents went to open the time capsule it was empty

For years, the unopened safe sat on a dusty shelf in a Derry library. In honor of its 50th anniversary, library director Cara Potter decided to find out what it contained before its public reveal, CNN affiliate WMUR reported.

Flanked by a small crowd of local historians and town officials, Potter opened the capsule. It took a few tries to get the old door free, but once it was, the group was disappointed by what they did -- or rather, didn't -- find.

"We were a little horrified to find there was nothing in it," Potter said.

There are time capsules in and around buffalo, here is a link to the Heritage Time Capsules (one located downtown)


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