If you have been on Tik Tok lately you might have seen a  trend where people are claiming that if you put sugar on a cucumber it tastes just like watermelon.

I am a huge watermelon person and love the summertime because to me that is watermelon season. So imagine my delight when the thought of having that amazing watermelon taste year-round using cucumbers and sugar.

You also might know that replicating the taste of watermelon is very difficult. Claims from the gum, flavor water, and other companies of "Watermelon" taste usually fall way short of the taste of fresh juicy watermelon.

Of course, I had to try and see if this trick really worked. I didn't want to come across bias so I also enrolled my wife Elizabeth and my son Avry in the experiment.

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My wife knew of the trick and knew that it was supposed to taste like watermelon. She asked why I needed to run to the store at 7 o'clock at night to buy one single cucumber.

My son Avry had no idea so I was hoping that he would say it tasted like watermelon without me telling him what I was doing.

Check out our taste test video.



SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the video yet...the results are down below.

Ok...so after shooting the video here are the reactions from all of us.

Dave: Slight watermelon taste. I noticed that the side with more sugar tasted more like watermelon. To me, it is possible to get cucumber to taste like watermelon but you need to use A LOT of sugar.

Elizabeth: No watermelon taste...also not a big fan of the cucumber and sugar taste.

Avry: Typical Teenager...got an angry Nope when asked if it tasted like watermelon.

OVERALL: It looks like this myth has been busted and unless you use a massive amount of sugar, cucumbers don't taste like watermelon. I guess watermelons are destined to remain a summer treat.


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