It's Throwback Thursday and you can't have one without the smells of the 90's.  Now by smells I mean perfumes and colognes, and this list will take you right back to that time in your life.


If you were a guy in school during the early 90's you wore Drakkar Noir.  The biggest reason you wore this cologne is because IT WORKED!  Girls went crazy for it.  Once I found that out I bathed in it.  You didn't even have to talk to them, they would just smell you and it was over!

Drakkar pic

At some point it became unpopular to wear Drakkar, but I bucked that trend today and picked up a bottle.  I bought it at CVS and brought it up to the studio.  I figured I would throw on some and surprise Val.  Unfortunately the bottle had other plans and it poured all over my pants when I opened it.


Now in the 90's this would have been a very good thing.  Drakkar Noir on the pants would set up your night!  In 2017 at a radio station you come off as a creeper.  All I can do is go with it at this point!


Anyway, the studio smells amazing right now (you're welcome Mix96!).  Here is the rest of the list of our Throwback Thursday colognes and perfumes.

(In no particular order): CK one, Polo, Cool Water, AcQua Di Gio, Exclamation, Liz Claiborne, Love's Baby Soft, Red Door, White Diamonds, Electric Youth, Curve, Vanilla Fields, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, and Dirt.  Smell ya all later!



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