For today's Throwback Thursday we went all the way back to the late '80's early '90's when rolling and pinning your pants was the cool thing to do.  Safety pins were in high demand and the more style you added the better!


Val and I both did pinning and rolling of the pants back in the day.  Why did we do this??  In our defense we didn't start the trend, it came before us we just rode the wave.  Everybody did this back then.  I would do 2 pins on each side, and Val would do 1.  I remember some girls doing 3 to 4 pins, it was insanity!

roll jeans

I also remember pinning my turtlenecks.  Again, why did we do this, I have no idea.  It made a lot of sense at the time.  In my defense, my older brother did it so I was just following suit.  The problem you would run into is that once you pinned them you had to keep doing it because they would get so stretched out.  It was an endless cycle of pinning and stretching!


I asked around our office today to see if anyone had safety pins and the response as to why I needed them was priceless.  Some of our older staffers had them but didn't know about pinning pants, and the Millennials and younger were perplexed as to why we would do that.  It was hilarious to see their reactions when I would explain pinning turtlenecks.


Some callers waxed nostalgic about adding beads to the pins.  I had completely forgotten about this, it was a way to style your pins.  Again, where this all came from and where it all went so quickly is beyond me, but it is always fun to think back to those crazy times.

pin beads

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