Cassette tapes.  You had them, you loved them, and they were a more compact way to carry your music around compared to records.  They have since gone extinct (although they are making a comeback at UO), but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce.


Today I brought in a portion of my tape collection and the memories flooded back.  I remember buying or making most of them (except Urge Overkill, not sure how that got in there).  Val had a few mix tapes that she made and I found one that I received back in 1997.  It is actually called Mix97...eerie right?

tapes 2

The tape in question only said Mix97, and did not list the songs so Val and I couldn't wait to play what was on it.  I tried thinking back but came up empty.  Just then we realized we have no way to play it!  Val brought in a tape player but it needed C batteries.  We work at a radio station and there is not another tape player in sight!


Unfortunately it will have to wait for another day to hear the contents of said tape.  I want to hear how the songs were recorded because I know that most were taken from the radio. What DJ's or stations would be caught at the beginning or ends of a song.  Now that I am in the business I feel like it will be that much more funny.


I can tell you that as a guy, nothing was better than getting a mix tape from a girl (OK maybe a few other things but this is a family show).  Consider this a salute to all of the ladies who painstakingly made these tapes for your men, we appreciate it!

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