Since my kids are older, it's been a while since I've been stroller shopping. Actually, I've only ever bought one for my oldest -which was then passed down- and *that* makes my last time interacting with stroller technology over 9 years ago.

All that changed during my recent trip to Disney World.

I kept seeing these amazing wagons; then remembering wagons aren't allowed into the Magic Kingdom. And, these wagons weren't being pulled along, they were being pushed. Strolled.

It was a stroller! Mind. Blown.


I learned that I was seeing a Keenz Stroller Wagon, and that they have a quite devoted following on the internet.

What makes the Keenz different, is that it's a hybrid of sorts. It meets all the criteria for a stroller (according to Consumer Reports, those standards include "brakes, stability, restraint system, leg openings, locking mechanisms, and the absence of sharp edges and points that can pinch, shear, or scissor a parent or child.")

It also behaves like a collapsible wagon, making this a stroller purchase that should long outlast the usefulness lifespan of a standard baby stroller. My kids are 5 years apart, and while I believe you should "never say never," I'm pretty certain I'm done having kids -- so the fact that I'm even considering buying a new "baby" product is astounding.

Especially one with this price tag.

The Keenz isn't cheap, but I'm guessing it's the perceived versatility of this stroller that justifies it as an investment piece. A friend who has one vouches for it's versatility and sturdiness.

What do you think of the Keenz? Do you have one?
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