Marijuana is an industry.  All over the country people are now legally making money from it.  If you're one of the people that have though about it, this forum is for you.

Marijuana is legal in New York State. It feels weird to say because for so long it hasn't been. Now instead of it being illegal activity, it's an industry that many are going to want to jump on. But just because it's now legal doesn't mean there will be a free for all where people can sell it to anyone, anywhere. There are obviously going to be tons of rules that people who want to sell it will have to follow.

That's what this forum will be for.

If you've thought about getting involved in selling marijuana legally, you're going to want to check out an online forum that will be hosted by Mayor Byron Brown tomorrow night at 6:45 p.m.  Mayor Brown will be joined by Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes.  She was one of the people who was instrumental in helping to make the legalization of marijuana in New York State possible.

Many people got confused as to what it meant when marijuana became legal.  It felt like you could buy, sell, and use it all at the same time.  While this will be true one day, at this point, there are limits to how much you're able to possess and when you'll actually be able to sell it privately.  All of these regulations will probably be made clear during the online forum.

The forum is free to attend virtually and is accessible through this Zoom Link.

Things You'll Be Allowed To Do Soon Now That Marijuana Is Legal In New York State

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