We've probably all tried different methods to lose weight, sometimes with only marginal success.  So what are we doing wrong?  Well instead of things to DO to lose weight, let's try approaching this from things we should STOP doing:

  • Don't do the popular and trendy diets
  • Don't rely ONLY on exercise
  • Stop skipping dinner
  • Don't just eat "healthy foods"

All those points are well and good, but here's why they are important.

Trendy diets are not tailored to you physically or emotionally.


Exercise is extremely effective, no doubt about it. However, burning calories at the gym does not give you the green light to go rampant on eating. Nor to reward yourself with some extra snacks or dessert.

Generally, half an hour of cardio exercises, such as running, can help you burn up to 400 calories. To lose one pound per week, you need to eliminate around 500 calories every day. As it turns out, running is not enough.

Healthy foods aren't always as healthy as describe, check the sugar content, and remember just because they are healthy is not an excuse to eat more.

Want to learn more check out the all the guidelines here.

(Wellness Captain)

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