Men and women everywhere are self-conscious for any number of reasons, but the question is do we really need to be?

I have a number of female friends that won't leave the house without make up, oddly enough most of the TV hosts I know will not wear any make up when they are running errands.

Here are some other things women say they are self conscious about:

  1. Their hair
  2. An ugly laugh
  3. Freckles
  4. Symmetry
  5. Scars
  6. Too short or Too Tall

"Honesty...a lot of women feel that if they talk about their negative emotions, they’ll be on the receiving end of a lot of nastiness and/or judgment, or they might get dumped, so they feel self-conscious about being open. "

I think we all worry too much. Just be yourself, because honestly that is the real "you" and if someone doesn't like it they don't deserve you anyway.


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