Most of us are tethered to our smartphones or tablets, but there are specific things that make us check our devices more frequently.

  1. Unoccupied moments - in other words boredom, standing in line for coffee, waiting for a bus or Uber.
  2. Socially awkward situations - where we are uncomfortable or don't know anyone, and don't want to look foolish.
  3. Tedious/repetitive tasks - our phone becomes an excuse not to get started on something.
  4. Anticipating a message/notification.

There’s no magic trick for weaning yourself off the impulse to reach for your phone every single time you’ve got nothing else to do—except for just being aware of the impulse and trying not to give into it. The next time you arrive back from lunch early, try staring into space for five minutes rather than staring at your phone screen.


Putting your phone into Do Not Disturb mode or even switching it off for parts of the day might help. If you know there’s nothing to look at and no notifications to check then chances are you’ll be less tempted to pick up your phone.

Unfortunately this hits a little too close to home for me. I have left for work before and realized that I have forgotten my phone and driven 10 minutes back home to get it.

This may be more difficult than I thought...maybe hypnosis is the answer...let me check that out on my phone.

Source: (Gizmodo)

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