Drugs are a huge problem all over the United States, including here in New York. As the authorities continue to try to take drugs off the streets, more drugs come into our state to replace them. That's not to say the authorities are not working hard to bust drug traffickers. In New York, 17,411,808 grams of narcotics (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, MDA/MDMA/MDE, methamphetamine, and oxycodone) have been intercepted, with a total street value of $289,230,651. That's a lot of drugs that won't make it into the hands of addicts. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency's New York Field Office, these are the top 5 drugs intercepted in 2021, so far. The ranking is based on the street value of the drugs, not the weight of the drugs. While marijuana has the most "weight" busted, it doesn't have the highest dollar value.

Top 5 Drugs Busted in New York State

Data provided by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency

Below is an explanation of how the DEA determines the "street value" of the drugs,

The DEA’s Drug Value Intercepted (DVI) metric is a conservative estimate of the total retail market value denied drug traffickers in DEA domestic and international seizures. This estimate uses the three most recent years of domestic DEA drug purchase data to impute the conservative retail market value of all DEA drug seizures, worldwide. DVI does not reflect the (volatile) street value in any particular retail market. Instead, DVI reflects general pricing levels in the US overall.

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