For years and years people have always said, if you’re going to visit Niagara Falls, you have to visit the Canadian side. Soon, there will be another reason for people to see it from the US side.

No doubt it is beautiful from the Canadia side.  You can see the entire horseshoe falls and they've done a great job developing tourist attractions around it.  But hopefully soon people will want to check out our side too.  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York will be adding a state of the art visitor’s center right by the Falls soon.

It's weird to think that Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the nation.  It was a created in 1885 and it attracts over 9 million visitors annually.  Now, it looks like that park is going to get a bit of a facelift. The $46 million dollar project is helped by an $8 million grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation.  This thing is gonna be pretty big…it’s 28,000 square feet and will include ticketing and information desks, museum space with immersive experience and exhibits new concession spaces, restrooms and more.

The visitor's center is one of the most recent projects involved in the revitalization of that park.  There has been a plan in motion for the last 10 years called the Niagara Falls State Park landscape Revitalization Plan.  It was a $150 million plan to renew the park "in a manner that better reflects noted park designer Frederick Law Olmsted's vision for the landscape."

After all the changes we've seen in the city of Buffalo and the improvements that have been made here, it kind of feels like a revitalization to a city like Niagara Falls would make the Western New York region even more of a powerhouse.

Construction on the 28,000 square foot facility is expected to start this fall and wrap up in 2023.

Want to see pictures?  They've got artist renderings of what the visitor's center would look like.  Click here to see them!

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