Okay, remember when you were little, and you imagined there were scary things under your bed?  You'd check a few times.  I know my mom had nights, for me all over my room. Until last year, ha!

Well, both of my daughters went off to camp, so I decided to really get there rooms clean.  What was I thinking?  I expected dust bunnies, but....

It was one of the scariest things I've done all week!  I went under their beds to pull things out to clean, right?  AHHHHHH!  This picture barely shows it.   Littered with old receipts, some water bottles, granola bar wrappers, empty bags, and cat toys.

under bed

When I pulled myself out from under the bed, it wasn't pretty.  Seriously, I looked like I'd been an old cave.  So, I've decided to grab a glass of wine, and go for it again tonight.  I'll show you the results soon, unless I give up.  Just to get some tips, I looked up what Martha Steward would do. Although,  I am sure Martha never let her daughter's room get this bad.  However, Martha's first tip sounds lovely, "Hire someone out."  ;-)

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