You would think with all of the snow we get here in Buffalo, we would have built the tallest snowman.  Nope, and, actually, it's a Snowwoman!

Check out this record setter from Bethel, Maine. In fact she was given a name - Olympia.  Here are her measurements (no jokes, okay?).

Olympia was just short of being as tall as the Statue of Liberty at 122 feet tall.  She weighted 13,000,000 lbs. For eyelashes on Olympia, they used 8 pairs of skis, and for her lips they used five red car tires. Olympia's scarf is truly a 'forever' scarf at 130-ft-long. A bunch of guy, Jim Mann and his crew, set the record in 2008, and it has yet to be surpassed.  Here is a youtube clip of how they did it.

Now that you know the record

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